Maze Comments


Aidan - Awesome maze!!

Melissa - Awesome.

Laura - Cool time.

Annabel - So much fun!

Sue and Grandkids - Thanks.

Richards and Kids - Cheers.

Fowleys - Great fun!

Charlotte - Cool.


Harry Cho - That was fun.

Sean Kweon - Wop Wops.

Alison Mackereth - Thanks.

Victoria - Great maze.

Amanda - Wonderful maze, lots of fun.

Wendy Miller - Cool.

Grammer Family - So much fun!

Rooneys - Lots of fun, even though it hailed!

Watters Clan - Very good, fun time.


Sue Upston - Great experience, thank you.

Jesse Stevens - Love it, it was great.

Leona Takemura - Amazing, had a wonderful time.

Marina - Awesome fun.

John and Co - Great afternoon for all ages.

Pip, Catherine, David, Jamie and Emma - So well thought out and family friendly!

Sandra Johnson & Family - Awesome fun!!

Cheryl Hagland - Great fun, kids loved it.

Riche, Suzy, Chelsea & Heather - Great fun for young and old!!

Deb, Bri, Amy, Tara & Nick - Great fun!!

Inglis & Baker Family - We've had a great time, thanks.

Ash & Peter - Missed a few, but had a great time.

Ashton Family - It was good and fun.

Isaac - It was so hard.

Fredericka Tinga - Fantastic! Lots of fun.

Tracey, Angela, Tayla & Bailee - Had a great time, awesome!

Tayla & Brooke - It was amazing!

Seb Tipping - It was really fun.

Carla, Max & Zoe - Such fun!